Happenings >> Happy Fright Night!

IMG_6808I’ll admit that Halloween is not my favourite holiday decor-wise, but sometimes you’ve just got to embrace the kitch.

Things around here are getting spooky. The skeleton garland is hung. The wreath of doom is in place. Bring on the ghosts and goblins!

Happy Fright Night to you!

Design Inspiration >> Jean-Paul Sartre


Shows + Finds >> Zinnia Handles

ZinniaOne of my current projects is for a family with contemporary tastes who are living in a 100-year-old house. They value the heritage and charm of the home, but don’t want to recreate the interiors that would have worked a century ago. This is a very fun design challenge.

Recently we installed a built-in bench seat with six drawers at the front of the house. These lovely handles are the final touch we’ll add to the piece. I love the antique brass and ceramic details. They echo the home’s existing lighting and will make the new built-in appear original to the house.

Technique >> Online Art Sources

Original artwork makes a big difference in creating a personal space. It’s something I highly recommend people include whenever they can and it doesn’t have to be Monet to be original.

There are many artists doing excellent work and at range of price points. The most important things about selecting artwork is to understand what you like.

It’s not as intimidating as it sounds:

1/ Educate yourself by visiting galleries — you’ll find people very interested in talking about art and artists. Look at the art. Decide what you like. Are there mediums that you really enjoy? Painting, prints, photography, collage, sculpture, wood cuts. There are so many choices.

2/ Identify artists that you like. Whose work are you draw to over and over again?

3/ Remember that how you frame and hang artwork will make a difference in the impact it gives you.

When gallery pieces are not in the budget, here are list of my go to sources for great, original prints and inspiration:

20 x 200

Mammoth & Co. 




What are your favourite art sources? Please share them in the comments below!

Design Inspiration >> Barry Dixon


Yours + Mine >> Avenue Decor Feature

Avenue September 2014

The September issue of Avenue magazine is out and the story I did on a spectacular home in St. Andrews Heights is the decor feature.

The house was built for Wendy and Chris Chamberlain and the finishes and are warm, natural and light. I loved the stone work and that the house was architecturally-driven.

Every space in the home has a clear purpose and flows together.

The interiors were done by the duo of McIntyre Bills, an established studio featuring the work of James McIntyre and Ronald Bills.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine around town, or view the digital issue. The story starts on page 200.

I would love to hear what you think of this home. Which features are your favourites?

Yours + Mine >> Summer’s Over!

Summer 2014The lazy days of summer are over. Our family had one of our best summers, ever. We hiked. We biked. We played on the beach and visited with friends. It was great and just the break we all needed.

Now, it’s back to routine.

However, before all that gets going and life takes over, I thought I’d do something I don’t normally do and share some of the highlights of our holiday time with you.

They included the first big elevation hike for my children (950 ft!) and a solo paddle down the Columbia River that I’ve wanted to try for four years.

We got our youngest riding on two wheels this year and she’s now comfortable on a trail geared for first-timers. We also did a tent camping trip to universal applause.

It’s very exciting to re-connect with these activities that have been harder and — let’s be honest — not as much fun while the children were very young.

I hope your summer was a great one as well and would love to hear some of the highlights!

Summer Hiatus

Summer Living

Summer time is here, again!

The summer is short here in Calgary and so it’s best to enjoy every minute while it lasts. Form(ed) will be on hiatus until September while I take advantage of the sunshine.

I hope you enjoy the lazy days of summer and look forward to sharing exciting new design ideas and projects with you in the fall.

Talk to you soon!

Design Inspiration >> Morris


Shows + Finds >> Console


I can’t wait to see this console in my clients’ home. It’s a gorgeous piece from Bernhardt Furniture, and the carved silver doors and oyster finish on the wood are classic and so refined. Even better, it provides extra storage space and amazing style.