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uu309628-1I am excited to see this fixture installed! We are using it for a master bedroom retreat that is a wee bit on the small side. It is part of a plan to create a luxury hotel-style retreat, a really lush sleeping chamber. Just because a space is small doesn’t meant it can’t feel swanky.

Robert Abbey has so many great pieces and I love the translucent fabric and slightly metallic sheen of this Saturnia fixture.










Yours + Mine >> Custom Entry Cushions

custom-cushionsToday’s post is a quick snapshot of some custom bench cushions I did for a client’s entryway.

These clients had purchased a newly built home and had their builder put in some bench seating at the door. They needed to complete this built-in furniture and really wanted to work with a deep red as an accent.

We created a custom bench cushion and also added some accent cushions. Now they’ve got a nice soft place to land.

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Technique >> Refreshing for Spring


I know spring has arrived when the shifting angle of the sun makes me painfully aware of how dirty the windows look. Areas I’m sure that I clean reveal a build up of dust that suggests I’m not as “on it” as I thought. Does this ever happen to you?

In my effort to get the winter dirt out I also have a strong impulse to update, renew and change things in my home. I think many people feel this way and it’s tough to apply the patience and time required to undertake a full project.

Even so, there are a many things you can do to get an instant lift:

>> add a bouquet of fresh flowers in fuchsia, violet or yellow to your home

>> bring a pop of colour to the kitchen with new tea towels and linens

>> swap out your duvet cover with something in a lighter, fresher colour

>> update planters at the front door with witch hazel or pussy willows

>> change out your accent cushions in the living room

>> organize and tidy your hallway closet and donate items you no longer need

>> roll up and store rugs


What makes it feel like spring to you? What will you do to update your space?

Yours + Mine >> Kitchen Update

Before-and-AfterI just finished a project that included a new counter top and backsplash and wanted to share a quick shot. We pulled out a dated, laminate counter and glazed cream tiles adorned with yellow accents.

The new finishes include a sleek quartz counter with a simple, eased edge set against some high contrast ceramic tile. We also did something a bit unusual in this small kitchen and added a four-inch stone backsplash.

I love this detail because it’s exactly enough to keep things interesting without cluttering up the small area with extra decoration. It really expands the feeling of the space.

What would you love to pull out of your kitchen if you could?


Shows + Finds >> adorne

adorne platesJust because something has utility does not mean it can’t be beautiful. Why can’t functional things be beautiful? Switches, dimmers and wall plates land in this category for me. [Read more...]

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Technique >> Designing Great Entryways

Entry Checklist


Well thought out entries and exits can make a dramatic difference in your life. Here’s how…

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Shows >> Calgary Home + Garden Show

The Calgary Home + Garden Show is starting next week and this year I’ll be participating in the Ask an Expert series.

You can come down and meet with me for a free consultation between 2 and 3 p.m. on Thursday, February 27.

Bring me your ideas, your questions and your interior design troubles. We can work out the solutions together.

See you there!

Stories >> Design DNA


The piece I wrote for Avenue Magazine’s February issue is now out on newsstands, but you can read about each of the personalized spaces on the website, too. (All the links are provided below…)

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